08 February 2009

Murray's life far too interesting

Murray’s life (or at least what he is generous enough to share with us on Twitter) is becoming more and more fascinating by the syllable, but unfortunately it’s starting to become too much even for the editors here at BashBoomWallop.com.

We’re overcome with attention, delight, and enthusiasm at each of Murray’s entries, but if you want to hear more, you’re going to have to go directly to the source. Unless we find something of particular note, we will no longer be bringing you updates direct from Murray. After all, you can always follow him yourself. (Though we recommend going the RSS feed route rather than boosting his follower count—the man does have a bit of an ego, you know.)

Thanks, and please continue to check back here at BashBoomWallop.com. Because if the news really is fit to wallop, you know you’ll always see it here first. (Or second. Or third. Or nineteenth. But you’ll definitely see it up here eventually.)

Murray parties hard with Gwen


Murray’s back and he’s up to his old tricks, this time returning from a hardcore party in New York City with none other than Euros Lyn and Eve Myles. One of our informants managed to snap this shot with his camera phone. That Murray—he always knows how to keep his cool.

Murray's first tweet


We are extremely excited to inform you that Murray has totally started using his Twitter account, which is awesome. In his first tweet, he talks about being hung over from spending the night at a rave. Party on, Murray. Stay awesome.