01 February 2009

Coming soon: hat reviews

What good are a selection of hats when you don’t know how clatteriffic they are, or exactly how much wallop they have? We’re not sure either, which is why soon we’ll be bringing you reviews and comments for each hat, with individual ratings for Bash, Boom, Wallop, and Clatter on a numeric scale from 2 to 7. Check back soon for the juicy details.

Murray on Twitter

That’s right, folks, our very own Murray is now on Twitter. Unfortunately he hasn’t started using it yet, but at least he reclaimed his account from the idiot who was spamming from there earlier. All of us here at BashBoomWallop.com wish Murray the very best with his awesome new Twitter account, and think he looks damn sexy in that picture. Damn sexy.

Welcome to BashBoomWallop.com

Welcome to BashBoomWallop.com. Because it just didn’t have enough.